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Porcelain tile is made with raw and recycled materials. Mainly Feldspar, recycled glass ands clay products and fresh clay and minerals like calcite and dolomite. 
Porcelain tiles are made to look like natural stone products and natural wood products. 

Porcelain has a higher density and is harder than ceramic tile because it is made from sand or silica-based materials, and is glazed and fired at much higher temperatures. Porcelain is typically the floor tile of choice for high traffic or heavy use areas like kitchens.  Some porcelain tiles are even rated for outdoor use and can withstand freeze/thaw cycles.  Full wall and floor series are available in porcelain, often with top-of-the-line texturing technology and more natural-looking, random pattern variation.

Porcelain Marble

Tesoro Poesia

Porcelain Lines

IWT-Tesoro is a provider of premium "GREEN" ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, pool tile and a wide variety of decorative glass and mosaic tile products. 
Every Tesoro™ tile carries with it an artistic heritage that simply cannot be duplicated. Artisans around the world have passed down the skills of unmatched craftsmanship throughout the generations, and only Tesoro tile integrates these fine skills into every tile we offer. Tesoro’s coordinating borders, trims and accents are also fashioned with the same care and consideration as the full-size tile. ​When you look for tile, make sure you know what makes a tile great: finest ingredients like porcelain, stone and glass, a broad palette of colors and textures to choose from, and an indication that the tile you’re looking at is part of the Tesoro Collection. ​Look for tiles that carry the Tesoro logo which ​indicates they are made using the finest materials.


Popular today among homeowners and designers alike, travertine floor tile has a relaxed, old world look and feel that will fill your home with warmth, sophistication and style.

Travetine is a natural stone material from the limestone family. It is made of calcium carbonate and is usually found in the form of deposits near warm of hot springs. 


Onyx is a sedimentary rock, formed as stalactites and stalagmites in cave interiors. This formation method results in the cryptocrystalline construction of the rock fabric, and it is the size and uniformity of these crystals that contribute to the classic translucent property of most onyx vairieties. 

Brown Onyx 

Green + Golden Onyx

Rainforest Onyx


Limestone is a hard Sedimentary rock, composed mainly of calcium carbonate or dolomite, used as building material and in the making of cement. 

Jerusalem Gold Limestone